To apply for or nominate a fellow paralegal for any of the scholarships or awards listed below, please complete the application and return to KPA.  Please refer to the application or nomination form for each specific scholarship or award for deadlines and directions.


KPA Paralegal Certification Scholarships

KPA awards up to two certification scholarships annually, with not more than one each year for PACE exam fees and not more than one each year for PCCE exam fees.  Qualified applications must be
received on or before June 1 to be considered.  The recipient will be announced at the luncheon portion of the Annual Seminar.  

The Scholarship & Awards Committee will review all nominations and select the recipient(s) based on merit.  The scholarship(s) will be presented at the Annual Seminar.  The scholarships are valid for the membership year immediately following the Annual Seminar at which the scholarship is presented.


Academic Scholarships

In an effort to promote formal paralegal education and provide financial assistance for those pursuing a paralegal degree, KPA offers the following academic scholarships:

Richard T. Martin Memorial Academic Scholarship 
Click here to complete the online application.
Qualified and complete applications and supporting documents must be received on or before September 30, 2015 to be considered.  This scholarship will be awarded to a student enrolled in a college level program with an emphasis on paralegal or legal studies on a full-time or part-time basis.  The student must either reside in, work in, or be enrolled in a qualified program within the State of Kansas to be eligible.  See the application for additional details.  KPA may award up to two academic scholarships each membership year. 

 For more information about upcoming application deadlines or contact Shawn Ackors.

Professional Recognition Awards:

Paralegal of the Year
The Paralegal of the Year award is a peer-nominated award presented to a current KPA member who has shown exemplary dedication and skill in the paralegal community.  Please check back for the nomination form to be posted here.  All nominations must be received on or before June 1 to be considered.  The Scholarship & Awards Committee will review all nominations and select the recipient based on merit.  The award will be presented at the Annual Seminar.

Excellence Award
The Excellence Award is presented at the Annual Seminar to a current member of the KPA whom the President believes has gone above and beyond not just to the benefit of the association but also the paralegal profession.  The recipient will be announced and award presented at the Annual Seminar.

Recognition for Achieving a Certification Designation (RP or CRP)
All new RPs and CRPs during the current membership year will be recognized and awarded a designation pin at the Annual Seminar.  

Recognition for Achieving a minimum of 24 hours per year of pro bono or community service activities
NFPA encourages members to achieve a minimum of 24 hours per year of community service and a minimum of 24 hours per year of pro bono service.  Members who have met or exceeded these goals (and reported them to NFPA per NFPA requirements) are recognized during the NFPA Annual Convention.  Those KPA members that are recognized at Convention will also be recognized by KPA at the Annual Seminar.

Past Paralegal Certification Scholarship Recipients:

  • 2017 PACE Scholarship - Elba Unzueta
  • 2016 PACE Scholarship - Shawn Ackors
  • 2016 PACE Scholarship - Tara Simmons
  • 2014 PACE Scholarship - Kelly Johnson, CRP
  • 2013 PACE Scholarship - Janell Bolton, RP
  • 2013 PCCE Scholarship - Janet Savage, CRP
  • 2012 PACE Scholarship - Megan Barrett, RP
  • 2012 PCCE Scholarship - Margaret Vega
  • 2011 PACE Scholarship - Andrea Duncan, RP
  • 2010 PACE Scholarship - Sheryl Snyder, RP
  • 2010 PACE Scholarship - Janice Ayers, RP

Past Academic Scholarship Recipients:

  • Holly Hulsopple (Fall 2014) (Sponsored by Appino & Biggs Reporting Service)
  • Patricia Koss (Fall 2014) (Sponsored by Appino & Biggs Reporting Service)

Past Professional Recognition Award Recipients:

  • 2017 Paralegal of the Year Award- Abby Emery
  • 2016 Excellence Award - Crystal Sixbury
  • 2015 Paralegal of the Year Award - Andrea Duncan, RP
  • 2015 Excellence Award - Vicki Yost, RP
  • 2014 RP Designation Recognition - Janell Bolton, RP
  • 2014 CRP Designation Recognition - Janet Savage, CRP
  • 2013 Excellence Award - Glenda Van Syoc, RP
  • 2013 RP Designation Recognition - Megan Barrett, RP; Andrea Duncan RP; Mandi Owens, RP; Susan Proctor, RP; Vicki Yost, RP


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